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 Our Mission:
To Give Hope Through Knowledge and Information

.Specific Purposes:

  • To provide education and support to people who suffer from a corneal dystrophy.
  • To provide guidance and knowledge resources for people seeking treatment and help in dealing with visual recovery after transplant or other issues related to corneal dystrophy.
  • To encourage research into the causes and possible cures of corneal dystrophy.
  • To encourage development of improved treatments and procedures that will enable faster and better visual ability.

How do we do this?

  • Provide on line support groups, over 3000 active members, that share information and experiences online.
  • Web sites, literature, DVDs available.
  • Webinars featuring researchers, geneticists, surgeons
  • Hosting Corneal Dystrophy Symposiums where corneal specialists present peer-level information in a forum for patients and family.
  • Local Groups (open to all) which meet for lunch to discuss issues common to those with corneal dystrophies and their loved ones.
  • Volunteers to speak at service clubs such as Rotary, Lions etc.
  • DVDs of presentations.
  • Video on demand presentations (1st qtr 2011).
  • Continuing dialog with leading researchers into corneal dystrophies, corneal surgeons and specialists about the latest and most promising developments in surgery, studies, genetics and practical ways of coping with the disease.

The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation,
a 501 (c)(3) Public Benefit Charity
EIN 20-1803239

A volunteer-driven organization.  All contributions go towards sustaining our current programs and working towards new programs to help educate both the public and patients about corneal dystrophies.

The Foundation provides support for several Corneal Dystrophy on line groups on the Internet: Fuchs’ Friends and Cornea Transplant groups at Yahoo Groups.

The Cornea is the “window to the eye”.  It is the crystal clear, slightly domed part of the eye through which you see your iris and pupil.

Corneal Dystrophies are eye conditions in which the  cornea thickens and becomes cloudy, which causes blurring and distortion of Vision.  For more explicit detail click the following phrase -

 Corneal Dystrophy.

About Fuchs’ Support Groups:

We established the original support group for Fuchs’ Dystrophy in 1998.  Its name is
Fuchs’ Friends
messages are monitored by a group of ophthalmologists.

We are patient-advocates, not medical professionals.

The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation is listed on the National Institutes of Health web sites as a recognized support group for Corneal Dystrophy.

Over 6000 people have been members of Fuchs’ Friends in the past decade.  Membership is worldwide.  We currently represent 65 countries.  Our discussion board with more than 100,000 logged messages provides sharing of experiences, information and support.  Members discuss all aspects of corneal dystrophy, including symptoms, coping, treatment, transplants, recovery progress, insurance and research.

Volunteer Moderators within the Foundation maintain our volume of pages of information for members, regarding

  • The latest information on advanced transplant procedures.
  • Research on and access to important information about corneal dystrophy and related vision issues covered in web sites, print media articles, and research papers. 
  • Tips for coping with the visual impairments of corneal dystrophy.
  • A list of doctors recommended by member/patients.
  • Tips for use of special accessibility features in computer operating systems.
  • Sources for special sunglasses and helpful visual equipment.
  • DVDs, videos, pictures and speakers’ content from our events.

In alternate years we host an educational symposium and conference in a major US city for the purpose of meeting and hearing top corneal specialists, researchers, and other eye care professionals deliver the latest information on corneal dystrophies in areas of surgery, studies, genetics and practical ways of coping with the disease. 

We continue to present and expand our educational symposiums and conferences, online information, and corneal dystrophy publications.  The Foundation offers our support to eye care professionals in matters of patient information and training, advances in treatment, and corneal dystrophy research.

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