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Fuchs Friends® - The Fuchs’ Dystrophy Online Support Group

The Fuchs' Friends international online support group is a place of support and information for people with Fuchs' corneal endothelial dystrophy. It is an outreach project of The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation. We are here to provide Education and Support regarding Fuchs’ Dystrophy. We are here to help people who, when diagnosed, are sent on an emotional roller coaster ride caused by shock of the diagnoses and fear of the unknown future of their vision.  Join Fuchs’ Friends


Fuchs Friends was founded in 2000 when two people who suffered from Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy met.  They decided to start a support group at a new site that eventually became Yahoo Groups.  The group grew quickly and within a few years expanded to over 1000 active members.  It currently has approximately3000 active members and has archived over 150,000 individual messages in which members posted questions and others answered (replied) based on their own experience and knowlege.  The process continues and newer members eventually become the experienced ones and "pay it forward" by providing their acquired knowledge and experience to those who follow.  Since its' inception in 2000, Fuchs Friends has helped over 10,000 people and continues to expand it's body of knowlege about this disease which if left untreated, will eventually case blindness.

Fuchs Friends was the first online suppot group for Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy sufferers and has the longest continuous history of operation and the largest poplulation for this disease.

While Facebook and Twitter have received some interest for this type of support, they do not provide the abilities for searching for answers that the online group/ list server format provides.