Local Group Meeting - Chicago & Northern Illinois

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 11:00
The Chicago area, Northern IL Local Group Meeting

Asim Farooq, MD, a member of Dr. Colby's team of ophthalmologists at the University of Chicago of Chicago, Dr. Farooq performs Descemet's Stripping Without Transplant as well as DSAEK and DMEK. There will also be a Q & A Session.

Email notice that you expect to attend is advised. You can read about our May meeting at The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation's BLOG

The Sasser Conference Room - Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

1175 Dempster, Park Ridge, IL 
Hospital Location: The hospital is located between Western Ave and Luther Lane on the South side of Dempster St in Park Ridge. Specifically, it is at the southwest corner of Dempster St and Luther Lane, one-half mile east of I-294 (the Tri-State Tollway). It is the only tall building in the area (modern looking glass and reddish building, not the older yellow one).

Parking: The entrance to the main garage is located on the front driveway of the main entrance to the hospital. It is a multi-level, beneath ground, parking structure. After entering, additional levels are accessed via down ramps. There is no charge for parking.

Use Elevator C to get to the cafeteria on the 10th Floor

Meeting Room: Sassar Conference Room...10th floor... on the south side of the main dining room. After you purchase your food from the 10th floor cafeteria, enter the big dining room (on the east side of the cafeteria). Our meeting room entrance is along the south side of the dining room, opposite to all the windows

Hospital Telephone (888) 945-2186

Hospital Web: www.advocatehealth.com/luth/ www.advocatehealth.com/luth/

Newcomers will be met and welcomed and there will be time to have your questions and problems addressed by real people from our area who can share their knowledge, experiences and opinions with you. We look forward to welcoming you there.

Bring your friends, significant other, relatives etc. but most importantly, bring your questions and concerns. There are usually about a dozen of us who have had a Fuchs' Dystrophy diagnosis. Some have had recent transplants. Others have not yet decided. Some had transplants several years ago. Still others have had a single surgery while some are scheduled for the first one. All the types of surgeries are represented among us. We share our experiences, coping tips, doctor tips, etc. as well as free informational literature and more